December 03, 2008

Whining Sound in Ear

Have you ever experienced being alone or being busy, doing a lot of things and you suddenly hear a noise that only you can seem to hear? Most of the time, the noise that you would probably have heard is that of a ringing or a whining that would keep you stay awake all night. This is a common experience among people. This is commonly called as tinnitus.

There are many causes of ringing ears. Although it seems like just a small thing to give substance, this should very well be taken into account seriously since once your sense of hearing is destroyed, it cannot be fully restored.

Most of the cause of such is negligence. Yes, negligence or not bothering that your ears are being exposed to such a loud noise. When you join a concert or attend a party, there are many big and huge loud speakers that are pointing at you from all direction. This would definitely have a bad effect on your hearing. Isn’t it that when you go home after the party, you would somehow have that sensation of buzzing ears ringing with a loud and somehow high-pitched noise that is in some way happening within? This is the only way that your hearing organs are telling you that you have had too much exposure to loud noise.

A whining sound in the ear has many causes and effects. Fortunately, there have also been many claims of not having such, yet it still it is important to keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. Many precautionary measures can be taken up to avoid such damage in our sense of hearing. Many people are now using earplugs (although it seems a bit off fashion), it really helps in regulating the exposure of the ear drums to the extreme outdoor sounds. Many sounds cannot be avoided. Like for example, having to pass by a construction site wherein people are using heavy machinery and often comes along in high volume of noise. With the help of the earplugs, you can pass by the site without being affected by the high noise levels therein.

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