December 17, 2008

Occurrence Of Tinnitus

More and more people are suffering from tinnitus and the numbers are growing everyday. Tinnitus is not a disease rather a condition from various symptoms and health problems. The sounds of the tinnitus aside from ringing are buzzing, roaring, clicking or high-pitched whining. The sounds of tinnitus are sometimes low and tolerable but in severe cases, tinnitus may transpire extremely loud and unbearable.

The occurrence of tinnitus is unpredictable. You can only tell that you have it when you experience ringing in the ear. Meniere’s disease, sinus and allergies, stress and noise-induced cochlear which is the most common of the major causes of tinnitus from listening to iPods and other portable media players.

Listening to extremely loud sounds can damage the cochlea which end result to the ringing of the ears. Once the cochlear is broken or bent, it can no longer be restored thus everyone should take care of their hearing senses to avert getting tinnitus.

There are different sources of loud sound such as machines, power tools, and heavy equipments in the construction site or attending loud concerts. When exposure to loud noises cannot be avoided it is advised to use earmuffs to prevent or aggravate tinnitus.

After exposure to loud sound without wearing ear protectors, you will notice that your ears are ringing. Eventually the noise will disappear after the exposure but in some cases, the noise becomes permanent since there is still no surefire cure for the condition.

In spite of this reality, one should not lose hope since there are natural tinnitus treatments available to help you alleviate the ringing in the ear. One example is white noise masking which is proven to provide instant tinnitus relief. Maskers has the ability to “drown out” unwanted noise in the ear with a more soothing sound.

Since tinnitus is unpredictable, preparedness in the occurrence of tinnitus is expected of the sufferer. Diet, cardiovascular exercise and avoiding specific food that can trigger or worsen the present tinnitus can also be put into practice to control the episodes of tinnitus.

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