December 04, 2008

Tinnitus ENT Specialist

For people experiencing a sensation of hearing different kinds of sounds more like that of ear ringing noises, then it would be of great help to visit your doctor and get it checked out. Of course not all kinds of doctors could help you in this kind of problem. Although a general practitioner could give you a fairly general diagnosis, it would be advisable to get to a specialist. How would you know what kind of specialist to get? Well, you have to first find out what you seem to be experiencing. It seems that what you have is an ear problem. Then by all means, visit a tinnitus ENT specialist.

Some people do not really understand what is tinnitus. For the benefit of everybody, tinnitus is the state or condition wherein a person has a hearing defect. By this we mean that the person seems to be hearing different kinds of sounds. In lay-man’s term, phantom sounds. The term ‘phantom’ is being used since the sounds that the person hears can only be heard internally and not from an external source.

There are two type of tinnitus. The first one is objective tinnitus. This is the rarer form of tinnitus since the sounds that the person hears can also somehow be heard by the examiner with the use of medical tools. This type of tinnitus is being caused by a malfunction or structural defects on the internal ear. Muscular irregularities often produce the sound.

Subjective tinnitus on the other hand is the much more common of the two. This is the type wherein the ringing of the ear can only be heard by the patient itself. Causes to this can be due to constant exposure to loud noises. Also, taking of certain prescription drugs could also cause such hearing disorder. More than 200 drugs have been listed to cause or worsen the present tinnitus. This is because of drug's otoxicity.

By seeking help from a tinnitus ENT specialist, you can be more confident that the prescribed drugs can be of help to the tinnitus rather than worsening it. Also as what the name implies, ENT stands for ‘ears, nose, and throat’. Knowing that the doctor taking care of you is a specialist in this field of range, then it would really give you comfort and peace of mind.

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