December 17, 2008

Crunching Sound In Ear

Most of the people nowadays are suffering from tinnitus. It is the perception of sound without an external source. The ringing brought by tinnitus comes from various causes which include constant high pitched ringing or whistling sound, buzzing, clicking, whirling, cracking or crunching sound in ear.

When you swallow you might hear a crunching sound in your ear which cannot be ignored. Some people picture it like a bug eating a dry leaf inside your ears. The crunching sound often comes on and off the ears which sometimes associated with pain that needs medical attention.

People suffering from tinnitus often experience the same symptoms. This is due to the thickening of the mucus in the inner ear and swelling in the small parts of the ear that sends the sound to the brain. The clogged mucus and the wax that is supposed to be drained into the tiny Eustachian tubes remains in the ear because of its viscosity making it impossible to pass though the tubes. Prolonged drug medications such as antihistamines and antibiotics also cause tinnitus as side effect.

The usual treatments for the clogging of mucous due to sinus allergies or sinusitis are decongestants to unblock the sinuses allowing drainage of the mucous to the tiny tubes gradually reducing the ear pressure. This will bring enormous relief to the condition. Tinnitus from sinus and infection which causes the crunching sound in ear will also gradually disappear soon as the problem is directed.

There are effective tinnitus treatments for sinus and allergies. The remedy comes from natural plant animal and mineral extracts. The remedy might contain Hydrastis and calcarea carbonica which are proven effective in relieving blockade of Eustachian tubes and inflammation.

Although tinnitus has no cure until today, it can be treated or averted thus, one must not simply be trained to live with it. Learning the different methods of preventing tinnitus and the symptoms presented by the condition is ideal to live a life tinnitus free.

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