December 18, 2008

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Today, millions of people are suffering from tinnitus. In America alone, an estimated 66 million people have tinnitus and more than 15 percent of tinnitus causes need medical care. Tinnitus is not a disease rather a condition that comes from various health problems. There is still no cure for the condition but there are remedies and treatments that have been developed to bring relief for ringing ears which include natural remedies, recommended diet, white noise masking including tinnitus sound therapy.

The middle ear contains two small muscles, which play an active role in the performance of the ear. When these muscles are not toned or not fully functional, the ability of the ear to recognize certain frequency of sound is lost. Therefore the sound does not reach the inner ear. If these muscles are not fully functional, the ability of the ear to adjust and balance the fluid pressure in the inner cavity is obstructed. Sound therapy activates the middle ear muscles restoring the tone and resilience.

The sound therapy is a very useful listening system using specially recorded soundtrack of heavily filtered classical music in order to stimulate the brain and facilitate retraining and rehabilitation of the middle ear muscles to upright position to recognize high frequencies. The stimulation of sound reintroduces high frequency to the various receptors cells in the inner ear resulting to a more receptive hearing.

Sound therapy is a self treatment process using a CD and a player. Attached to the headphone, you can listen to the sounds specially designed for ringing ears. You can also download the file on your iPod or any potable media device therefore you can move around doing your daily activities while listening to it.

For people suffering from tinnitus, sound therapy helps the patient to get used to the tinnitus by incorporating external sound in such a way to avoid silence. While in noise-induces tinnitus, a person is advised to keep away from loud sounds, sound therapy in the other hand does the opposite. A person is advised to avoid silence at all times. The therapy can last from hours or months to achieve results.

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kelly said...

The best thing what i know about Sound Therapy is that it blocks all the irritating noises and turns your bedroom into oasis of relaxation. This therapy helps you to attune your mind to the relaxing sound and features a brainsync function which enables you to achieve the 4 brainwave.