December 15, 2008

Noise Masking

The noise in the office is distracting especially the sound of a ringing telephone, a photocopier, printer or disturbing conversations form different cubicle next to them. To minimize or eliminate distraction, noise masking is being propagated in the office to mask the unwanted noise and added privacy. It is also very useful at home, in the bedroom while relaxing or sleeping to mask unwanted noise in the environment.

Maskers generate various noises which are found more soothing compared to the noise in the environment. It is also found beneficial for people suffering from tinnitus. The most common of which is white noise. Combining all frequencies of equal volume at the same time can make a white noise.

A brief example of a white noise is the sound from an empty TV channel. Having such noise on the background, can help an individual to concentrate more and focus on the task without disturbing noise. It also promotes better sleeping and relaxation and masking noise from a snoring partner. It might sound funny but the benefits white noise masking have has positive results. Although maskers do not treat the ringing in the ears, it can provide an instant tinnitus relief.

Tinnitus is a not a disease rather a condition caused by various health conditions. The most common causes of tinnitus are noise-induced cochlear damage, sinus or allergies, Meniere’s disease and stress. Tinnitus may also transpire from lengthen drug medication both over the counter or prescription drugs. There are more than 200 drugs that are listed to cause or worsen tinnitus. If you are taking medication for a long time and you suspect that it caused the ringing in your ear, you can stop or change the medication. But before doing such, you need to consult your doctor before doing such action.

White noise generators are usually like a small transformer with a tiny speaker attached to it. This type of white noise generators despite of its small size, it is so impractical to carry while in travel or riding a car as some of these needs to plug into the power source to operate.

If you are looking for a more practical and portable white noise generators, there are tinnitus masking CDs and MP3’s digitally mastered to provide full stereo sound for your tinnitus. You can download white noise into your iPod or portable media device and have full control of the bass, mid and high frequencies.

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