September 26, 2007

Coolest Kid On The Planet

Little Jordy Currie from Formby near Liverpool in England does his best coolest kid on the planet routine. One would surely go far to find a cuter kid as well!

He also has the coolest dog on the planet.

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September 13, 2007

Natural Tinnitus Treatment Remedies and Cures For Ringing in Ears

T-Gone Remedies Inc. supplies a very successful and popular range of remedies for tinnitus relief. The most popular remedy that they supply is a homeopthic tinnitus remedy formulated specifically to relieve tinnitus that is caused as a result of exposure to loud noise or a blow to the head. This tinnitus type is known as noise tinnitus or cochlear damage tinnitus.

Cochlear damage tinnitus is the most common form of tinnitus and the prevalence of this tinnitus type is on the increase due to the ever increasing use of MP3 players such as the Apple iPod which can output music at extremely high volumes. Most people simply play their music too loud, little knowing that it is so easy to cause lasting damage to the delicate inner ear structures which in turn lead to hight frequency hearing loss and tinnitus.

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September 05, 2007

Tinnitus - Why Is There No Cure

Looking for a cure for tinnitus? You are going to be disappointed - there simply is no cure for tinnitus! If you are looking for tinnitus relief you're in luck as T-Gone Tinnitus Remedies have excellent success in providing fast tinnitus relief. Source:

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