December 19, 2008

Ears Ringing After Concert

A famous rock band is in town. Fortunately, you got a ticket before the show was sold-out. You went to the concert, enjoyed yourself tremendously; you even had your photo taken with the band! It was a really great time! And then you walked out of the venue to realize your ears ringing after concert

It’s a pretty annoying thing and it’s starting to bother you. It may be that you are experiencing a condition known as tinnitus. Tinnitus is the sensation of hissing, buzzing, whistling or ringing in one or both your ears. It can be caused by an underlying medical condition, ototoxic medications, or frequent exposure to loud noises; even a one time exposure to noise if the sound is loud enough to cause damage your hearing. Tinnitus can be a bothersome problem. It can last for a few minutes or several hours.

Ears ringing after concert are a good indication you’re suffering from an episode of tinnitus. Loud music can cause hearing damage – both temporarily and permanently. You can’t really blame your room mate demanding that you turn down the volume of your favorite rock song. Some of these musicians you listen to, and more likely the members of the rock band whose concert you just attended are suffering varying degrees of ringing in the ears which, as bad luck would have it, you’re also experiencing now.

Today, most of the musicians have taken the initiative of using special earplugs which reduce the volume of the music or sound without altering the quality of the sound and avoid tinnitus from developing. So next time you go to a rock concert wear earplugs and save your hearing!

Ears ringing after concert may seem insignificant as compared to other conditions but here’s a question that will change that perception, can you afford losing your sense of hearing?

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