April 24, 2012

Hearing Loss, A Ringing In The Ears Linked ToStress

Hearing Loss And Ringing Ears From Stress
Here at T-Gone Remedies we have long known that the major factors that cause a ringing in the ears are noise and stress. After all we speak to hundreds of people every week about this problem.

What surprises me is the fact that it has taken the WHO so long to notice that hearing and tinnitus is becoming a major problem! They have recently concluded a study that not surprisingly, finds that tinnitus and hearing loss will very soon be a major
Hearing Loss Linked to Stress - WHO Study Finds

April 23, 2012

Ear-Piercing Noise Of Smoke Alarm Trigered My Tinnitus

Tinnitus Triggered By Loud Noise
We have long known that exposure to loud noise can cause damage to the fragile inner structures which can lead to high frequency hearing loss and of course tinnitus. Often this exposure to noise happens over many years, at lots of different events and incidenys throughout you life.

So the damage happens
Smoke Alarm Trigered My Tinnitus

April 17, 2012

The Consquences Of Loud Noise - Hearing Experts Warn Public

Hearing Experts In Education Drive
In a highly commendable drive to educate the public about the dangers of being exposed to loud music and noises, doctors from the Royal Berkshire Hospital in England have actually taken to the streets in an effort to warn the general public about the dangers posed simply by listening to their MP3 devices.

They got a really good response from the public using a unique method whereby participants would wear a headset which would also be connected to a dummy
The Consquences Of Loud Noise

How To Handle The Buzzing In Your Ears

Some Recommendations For Handling The Buzzing in the ears
Buzzing in the ears is a condition that is tough to manage, yet it is going to every now and then settle all by itself. There are considerably a couple of things that you may try to reduce the manifestations or even do away with it totally. This write-up is going to grant you some suggestions that are going to help you conquer this problem.

One of the primary root causes of ringing ears is overall exposure to sounds that are too
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