December 10, 2008

Long Term Ringing In The Ears

The ringing in the ears is now a common problem, especially the aged. The ringing may be constant or erratic that disappears in time. The ringing in the ear or tinnitus is not a disease itself but a sign of a serious condition. Long term ringing in the ears depends on the causes. Most of the sufferers had this experience of ringing in the ears and have tried almost all possible treatments but the ringing still keeps on coming back.

An estimated 50 million Americans have tinnitus and 12 percent of them have severe tinnitus that needs medical attention. Some of the possible causes of tinnitus are hearing loss, too much exposure to loud noise, side effects of medication, allergies, aging, brain or ear tumors, high blood pressure, head trauma, depression stress and Meniere’s disease.

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of external acoustic stimulation that can affect every age group, even children. It is not a condition rather a symptom from different causes. It may sort itself for a while however, if it tinnitus continue for a month or more, chances are tinnitus will persist that becomes a long term condition.

If you’ve had tinnitus that bothered you for a long time, try to make a self check on the food you eat, or the drugs you take as some of these might had the greatest contribution that may trigger tinnitus. This includes red wine, grain-based spirits, cheese, certain foods that are high in fat and sodium content, alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate. Smoking marijuana may also worsen the present cases of tinnitus.

There is no ultimate cure for tinnitus, but with there are tinnitus treatments and remedies, that are proven to work with the condition. The control of tinnitus episodes and able to managed the noise to tolerable level or below your hearing threshold is already a success to a long term hearing problem. Withdrawal from the listed aggravator of tinnitus alongside with exercise to promote healthier blood circulation to the body system is also a way of turning aside tinnitus.

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