November 13, 2008

What Is The Best Medicine For Tinnitus

A buzzing sound, a hum, a pulse, or a ringing in the ears, these are just a few of what you would experience if you happen to have tinnitus. Such disorder is known to have been a just a symptom of an underlying disease. Although it is somehow considered to be a mild symptom, for some, it can be a bit of annoying and somehow irritating as well. So what is the best medicine for tinnitus?

People having tinnitus opt for medication to soothe their pain or uneasiness due to such disorder. Here are some of the remedies or cure for tinnitus.

Anti-depressants are drugs that are mainly used to relieve one of having mental depression. Such drugs are considered to be options for people having severe tinnitus. This is due to the fact that tinnitus can drive people crazy because of the sounds that only you can seem to hear. Tinnitus sufferers become depressed and uneasy because of having to deal with the constant noise in their heads.
Another possible remedy for tinnitus would be Anti-Histamine drugs. This drug is a mild sedative that eases anxiety or depression. Also, it reduces the secretion of mucous. Thus, the reduction of mucous allows the inner ear to dry out and in turn, relieves the pressure in the cochlea.

Meclizine is also an anti-histamine medication. However, this medicine is specifically used for patients experiencing dizziness or vertigo. As you can see, tinnitus has certain effects on a person’s body. One of its effects would be to cause a person to feel out of balance and in a state of vertigo. Meclizine is used in the prevention and treatment of such disorders and also nausea and motion sickness. This can be easily acquired since it is an over the counter drug.

Diuretics is a substance or drug that tends to increase the level of discharge of urine out of the body. Diuretics may be prescribed when Meniere’s Disease is present.
Niacin supplements a production of a temporary flushing effect that is needed to pump more oxygen into the inner ear due to vasolidation. Having more oxygen into the inner ear lessens the sounds created due to tinnitus.

Other people might also opt for natural treatments for tinnitus. Some might consider going herbal. Gingko Biloba leaves have been used therapeutically even in the ancient times for the treatment of a lot of illnesses.

There are other medications out there specifically for tinnitus. However, the famous saying “ An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” still stands true. It is important to keep in mind that there are still things that we can do to prevent or lessen the intensity of tinnitus. The most basic would be to avoid exposure to loud sounds and noises. It is important to take care of your hearing. Also, control of blood pressure, lower salt intake, reduce anxiety, avoidance of nerve stimulants such as coffee, colas and tobacco. Simply put, to be able to have an alternative in a remedy for ringing in the ears, stay away from harmful substances that might hurt your hearing.

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