November 12, 2008

iPod Speakers

Listening to music has been a part of our day to day habit. We usually listen to music in the car, our office, malls, restaurants, concerts, or even in the comfort of our own home. Music is everywhere. Usually the music is played on stereo with amplified speakers attached to it. It may be in low or loud volumes.

Most of the young generations today are obsessed to iPod music since it’s more portable to carry than a bulky stereo cassette. It also supports mp3 and other digital stereo formats so you can download and squeeze-in thousands of song in this small electronic device hooked with earphones plugged in the ear. Most of the teenagers opt to raise the volumes to the loudest setting without taking considering the harmful effects of exposure to loud music. If you are exposed to such, you might notice ringing in your ears associated with hearing loss. The phantom ringing may disappear by itself after the exposure and the hearing is restored but in some cases, it becomes a permanent disability.

Tinnitus or the ringing in the ear is not a disease by itself but a symptom of many causes. Noise-induced tinnitus is very common nowadays which is roughly estimated to eighty percent (80%) of the tinnitus cases in America alone. The ringing sensation is an upshot of a possible cochlear damage in the ear. The tiny hairs that vibrate and the nerve that sends the signal to the brain to be interpreted as sound may have been bent or broken because of prolonged or sudden exposure to loud sound. The electrical signals perceived by the ear may be dull thus, the brain generates it own sound we usually hear as ringing noise.

Be warned that damaged hairs and nerves in the ear can no longer be repaired so, it is strongly advised that you should take good care of you hearing or suffer its consequence. Avoiding exposure to loud sound is the best way to turn aside tinnitus. It is also advised to use iPod speakers instead of headphones where the sound is concentrated directly to the ear. You should also be careful of the food you eat which can aggravate or increase the volume of tinnitus. Caffeine, alcohol and nicotine are known to make tinnitus worse. You can also try noise tinnitus remedies and treatments to stop the ringing in the ears. There are also safe mp3 and apple iPod speakers available in the market you can use with your iPod or compatible


Anonymous said...

My son really wants an IPOD speaker system for Christmas from the John Lewis Sale but is it really worth spending in excess of $200 for one?

katty said...

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Montree Krutphun said...

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