November 12, 2008

5 possible Causes of Pulse in Ears

Have you ever had that experience of hearing your own pulse in your ears? Or somehow having that feeling of a beat happening as if your heart was placed inside your ears? Well, that is called Pulsating or Vascular Tinnitus. As most of you may be familiar with, tinnitus is that disorder or symptom of hearing noises in your ears. The noises vary and sometimes can come in a loud or low volume. Most of the common sounds heard would be a ringing in your ears, or a loud clicking sound. The hearing of your own pulse in your ear can also be considered as tinnitus and is given a specific name, Vascular Tinnitus. Now let us come to hear and consider the 5 Possible Causes of Pulse in Ears.

  • Cause No. 1. Infection in the middle ear or commonly known as “Chronic Inflammation”. When we speak of inflammation, it has something to do with an irritation as well as a swelling. Thus making the patient uneasy of such feeling. If inflammation happens, there is this increase of blood flow in the inflamed part or section of the body. Since the middle ear is swelling, there is increased blood flow in that specific territory. Thus explains the reason why we come to hear our own pulse. That is because, we can hear our own blood flow in the middle ear.

  • Cause No.2. Dysfunction of the Eustachian-tube. Such important part of the ear is the one connecting the middle ear to the upper throat. This tube functions as an airway passage to ventilate the middle ears and stabilize the internal and external air pressure. The dysfunction of such causes the person to hear a pulsating sound since the air or pressure is not evenly distributed.

  • Cause No. 3. Middle-ear effusion. If fluid of some kind like water is deposited inside the middle ear, this could lead to infection or Middle-ear effusion. If the fluid accumulates and stays behind the eardrum, vascular tinnitus may occur. If such has happened, you may experience a lower ability to hear, a feeling of pressure in your ear, and sometimes extreme pain. The pulsating sound is somewhat a symptom of Middle-ear effusion. Relief for ringing ears can be done by taking antibiotics or decongestants.

  • Cause No. 4. Arteriovenous malformations. This may sound somehow confusing because of all the scientific terms used. Well, to put it in lay man’s term, this simply means that Arteriovenous Malformations or AVMs are abnormal or not usual group of arteries and veins. They somehow occur in the cranial cavity which is very near the auditory nerve. Now, when these AVMs have blood flowing inside them, you can hear a pulsating sound since the AVM is near enough the auditory nerve to be felt and heard.
  • Cause No. 5. Venous Hum. Pregnant women or anemic patients often have thyroid problems. Such problems increase the blood flow of the Jugular vein. Such vein travels from the brain back to the heart. So now if there is increased blood flow, you can hear a pulsating or humming sound because the Jugular vein somehow passes near the auditory nerve.

Although all of these are just early symptoms of what is really behind, there are medications or proven treatments for tinnitus or vascular tinnitus for that matter. It is just important to take note and observe on such possible causes.


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