November 04, 2008

Tinnitus Caused By Telephone

There are many reasons why the ear is ringing and most of them are already identified. You may now include tinnitus caused by telephone on the list of the possible causes of the ringing in the ear. People working in call centers are more likely to have this symptom.

One of the most common causes of tinnitus is exposure to loud noise. The end result of prolonged exposure is tinnitus associated with hearing loss. It usually occurs when a person is exposed to sound from the earpiece of the phone headset during conversation that is pretty loud or sometimes in rumble frequency. Usually, the sound amplified in the telephone earpiece is high enough to be understood. In some cases, the mouth piece of the telephone unit used by the caller is poor of the voice of the caller is low. Either condition may force you to press even more the earpiece of the telephone towards the ear to clearly hear the conversation. The loud sound that is heard in the headset can be deafening that could lead to a cochlear damage.

Tinnitus also transpires in people who are using mobile phones. In a recent study, exposure to microwave radiation for two hours in recurring occasions can damage the nerves in the ear and possible cause of tumor. It is also said that the higher the exposure to radiation, the more damage is apparent. In the case where tumor develops in the ear or head, there is a greater chance you will have tinnitus. Therefore, hands free for cell phones or speaker phones for land line is encouraged in case of long conversation.

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