November 25, 2008

Home Remedies for Dizziness

Feeling like your head is spinning or like everything is spiraling in a fast and rapid way. That is what usually characterizes a person’s sensation of being dizzy or experiencing nausea. Doctors carefully differentiate this feeling into 3 specific kinds. Feeling a sense of spinning sensation and sometimes accompanied with ear ringing problems is referred to as vertigo. Being off balance can be called disequilibrium. Having a swimming sensation and lightheadedness is considered to be dizziness.

Such feelings and situations may come off rather normally or somehow not have that serious connotation. Going to the hospital and being checked out by a doctor is an advisable thing to do. In addition, there are also many natural home remedies for dizziness out there. One example would be the use of an organic herb. Basil is a good tonic that could help solve dizziness as well as other bodily ailments like muscle cramps and diarrhea. In using basil to aid dizziness, combine three pieces of leaves into a cup of boiling milk. Drink it up before going to bed to assure a dizzy-free good night’s sleep.

Another wonder organic medicine is the lemon. Lemon juice can also help in giving you that firm stand on the ground whenever you get dizzy. Such substance has medicinal properties that can help you relax the veins that lead to your brain. The procedure is to mix the lemon juice with water and add some black pepper in it. Also, to add a bit of flavor to your drink, add a pinch of salt. Make sure that all the contents are being stirred well. Drink it up for a more refreshed and healthy body.

The cayenne herb helps relieve dizziness, cramps and nausea in a person by improving the circulatory system. It is also one of the most efficient ways of home medication for dizziness since it usually has its effect on the person really fast. To use cayenne as a medication, just mix it up with one cup of water. Together with the solution, add in a pinch of salt, pepper, and vinegar.

Garlic is also another option to use as self medication for dizziness. Use just a small slice of garlic root and boil it in a cup of water. Strain the solution and then drink. This alternative may have slower effects as compared with cayenne. However, this solution may well be the surest way of getting the job done.

Coriander seeds are one of the longest and oldest home remedies for dizziness. It has been used in the olden times as a drink to help people, especially those attending in funerals, to prevent themselves from fainting. Its seeds are very useful in helping our bodies regulate breathing. In making the solution, soak a teaspoonful or coriander seeds with gooseberry powder. Make sure to store it well in a tight container and let it stand overnight. In the morning, strain the solution and add a teaspoon of sugar. Drink it up.

All of these herbs are considered not only as remedies for dizziness but also a natural cure for tinnitus which can be brought about by dizziness or vertigo.


Peterson said...

Very interesting article.I didn't know about dizziness,disequilibrium etc...You have given clear explanation for that.thanks a lot!

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It's really a nice post to reduce the Dizziness through the home remedies which are very essential to follow, Thanks for the sharing.