November 12, 2008

Throbbing In Your Left Ear

So you are experiencing an annoying throbbing in your left ear and you don’t know what the cause of the problem is. As a friendly advice, next time this happens; you time the throbbing with your pulse. Pulsatile tinnitus is a throbbing in your ear in time with your heart beat. It may not sound serious but you should visit a doctor or a specialist right away. Ear problems are very critical because our ears are within the immediate vicinity of the brains and could potentially lead to a more serious complication.

The seemingly normal throbbing in your left ear may just be a warning sign of a poorer medical condition. Vascular disorders (such as high blood pressure, abnormal placement of vessels within the middle, and aneurysms) can produce throbbing in your ears. Vascular tumors in or near the ear can also produce the same throbbing sensation. Another condition is the presence of an acute or chronic middle ear infection. A blocked Eustachian tube or the auditory may also produce a throbbing in your ears.

A lot of people have suffered from this condition and have not really paid any attention to it. But as the throbbing occurs more often and had become a nuisance, the same people consulted their family doctors and learned of a more serious medical problem associated with the throbbing in their left ears. Some took to drug therapy, acupuncture, ear drops, home-made remedies, even urine therapy to ease their suffering. Throbbing in your ear can be symptom so don’t just take anything or undergo any therapy without consultation with your doctor.

A visit to your general practitioner is still best and it is in your best interests to get professional opinion on this condition. It may seem such a small and insignificant problem but it may be a manifestation of an underlying medical state. Pulsatile tinnitus is not a condition you can simply ignore. Besides who would want to endure bothersome throbbing and ringing ears, when a visit to the doctor will finally shed light on such an irritating condition every single day!

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