November 03, 2008

Tinnitus Masker

There are many ways to cope up with tinnitus and reduce the ringing if not eliminated. One of the natural treatments available is the use of tinnitus masker. It is a piece of electronic device inserted into the ear, designed to diffuse and drown-out unwanted noise. It works by emitting a high frequency static sound making the noise from tinnitus less noticeable.

Tinnitus, often described as ringing in the ear is actually not a disease but a symptom of various underlying conditions such as exposure to loud noise, prolonged dose of aspirin or antibiotics or other chronic ear infections. Some tinnitus sufferers can manage tinnitus by diet, exercise and change of lifestyle while others can’t. For those who cannot manage tinnitus, tinnitus masker is a reasonable option.
Before you decide to purchase this tiny electronic device, you can make an experiment and see if it works for you. If you have a radio set at home, you tune it to an empty frequency at low volume. The brain intercepts the signal and focus on the signal from the device rather than the noise from tinnitus. If the experiment is successful, then buying a tinnitus masker is worth considering.

Tinnitus is said to be worse at night since the environment is quite or there are no sound in the background, there are companies who engineered noise generator that can be plugged next to your bed while you sleep. It generates a white noise that can be heard in a tiny built-in speaker found in the machine. Nowadays, the use of portable mp3 players now becomes a celebrated gadget especially by the young generation which is also one of culprits of tinnitus. Actually, there is nothing wrong listening to mp3’s as long as it is on normal levels. Extreme loud sound can no longer be treated as music but noise.

The gloomy effect of the device is now also its upbeat, because of the advent of software based tinnitus maskers. Tinnitus masking CDs and MP3’s can be downloaded into your portable media player and play it as masker you can use anywhere. One thing you will also like about this stuff is it delivers a superb stereo sound digitally mastered without intervals. You can also choose from their releases such as relaxing shower, aircraft cabin or purely white noise. Best of all, it’s easy on the budget!

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