November 14, 2008

Tinnitus Causes and Cures

Many people today are suffering from tinnitus and some of these cases are chronic and debilitating. There are many tinnitus causes and cures for the suffering are badly needed to relieve from the condition and prevent it from getting worse. Some of these tinnitus causes such as earwax buildup can be treated simply by using basic home remedies such as ear irrigation can be applied drain the excess wax. To do this, you can start by heating a small amount of water to a body temperature. Apply few drops into the ear and let it set for few minute and tilt your ear to drain. You will feel relieved after the procedure and tinnitus eventually disappears.

Tinnitus is said to be the perception of the ear without an external source. It can be expressed as whooshing, whining, roaring, tickling or whistling sound. Others people call it noise in ears. All of these descriptions mean only one thing, it’s TINNITUS. In some occasions, tinnitus may sound low and eventually disappear by itself, but other types are loud and unbearable that becomes an enduring disability you would not want to happen to you or anyone in the family.

The main causes of tinnitus are:

  • Stress, which impedes the function of hypothalamus in the production of essential chemicals needed by the body in order to function normally. When these significant chemical are not well produced, it may result to unhealthy condition such as tinnitus.
  • Noise-induced cochlear damage. These cover almost 90% percent of tinnitus cases.
  • Sinus or allergies, which is usually treated by taking antibiotics and antihistamines; these medications coagulates the mucous which result to middle ear infection and tinnitus.
  • Maniere’s Disease, a chronic disorder in the middle ear which usually is associated with vertigo attacks, intermittent hearing, and tinnitus.

There are tinnitus treatments sold in the market today that are only concentrated on the symptoms and not on what caused the unwanted noise. Let me tell you that there is another option known as homeopathic tinnitus treatment and remedies which is a part of alternative medicine. The remedies are specially formulated depending on the causes of the ringing in the ears. Such a holistic approach that helps the body heals from within.

The key to a successful treatment is with the help of a physician before you proceed with the treatment to rule out the underlying causes of your tinnitus. You should also learn to withdraw from everything that causes or worsen your tinnitus.

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