November 17, 2008

Clicking In Ears

Maybe you’re wondering why you hear clicking in ears which are audible when you chew, yawn or swallow maybe caused by repetitive muscle contractions that may be the cause of objective tinnitus. There are two relatively tiny muscles in the middle ear attached to the small bones in the ear that contracts momentarily in response to ear piercing sound or loud noises in order to shield the inner ear from over-stimulation. In electronic gadgets its like a limiter, compressor and auto gain control in one which protects the signal from over modulation which can damage the speakers. In relation to these muscles, it may relax and contracts occasionally for no obvious reason which may result in rhythmic clicking sound.

Neurologic disorders that cause objective tinnitus include palatomyclonus and idiopathic stapedial muscle spasm. The Palatomyoclonus is distinguished by asymmetrical clicking in the ear. The sound is generated by the mucous membranes of the eustachian tube snapping together as the palatal musculature undergoes myoclonic contractions. The person may also sense fullness in the ear, hearing loss and sound alteration. Stress can aggravate the condition therefore the sufferer is advised to refrain from doing stressful activities. Usually, palatomyclonus is medically treated using antiparmodic agents and muscle relaxants. A doctor’s consultation is helpful for the treatment

Idiopathic stapedial muscle spasm creates a coarse, crackling, reverberating noise in the ear. Peripheral sounds, such as music tones, water faucets, and voices, are known to intensify the spasms. The disease is usually temporary and eventually disappears. In worst cases, middle ear exploration with division of the stapedius and tensor tympani muscles can be undertaken as treatment. Although the process abolishes the symptoms, it is not often required.

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