August 19, 2009

Stress Relief

Stress, as we know, has been part of our everyday activities. There is an upcoming exam. There are bills to pay. There is an errand to run or a task to make. The list goes on and on. On a different light, we have to look at stress the other way around. It must motivate us to stand with firm feet and be fruitful. When one thinks that stress is too much to handle, health is at its toll. Sometimes it may even lead to a ringing in the ears. What is important here is we know that we have stress relief techniques and strategies that we can depend on in this hectic modern time.

Relaxation is still the number one way to cope up with stress. Strategies to relax include meditation, deep breathing, and developmental muscle calming to soothe and clear the head from emotional negativity.

The easiest to do among all the stress relief techniques is deep breathing. One should just keep in mind to breathe properly. Relax and straighten up your back when you sit down comfortably. One hand must be on your stomach and the other must be on your chest. Be sure to breathe through your nostrils and not through your mouth. Notice that the hands you place on your stomach and chest slightly move as you do breathe in. Do a mind counting from one to ten, and then breathe out through your mouth.

Daily exercise also helps in dealing with stress. The body produces more endorphins when one exercise. These substances in the body are supposed to make us feel light and happy. The saying, “A healthy mind has a healthy body” holds its truth. Do not mistake exercising to be the same with having a packaged exercise with a gym. Taking the stairs rather than the elevator while going to school or office and the mere walking to cover up short distances can also means exercising.

Yoga, counseling, hypnotherapy and other stress relieving techniques will also be of help.

What is essential to this is the knowledge that stress relief management is more important about dominating what comes to thoughts and the body when dealing with situations. Knowing your limits will help you start this process. Unnecessary stressing out is what usually happens, and so it is important to know your own capability and limitation. If you understand these peripherals, you do not have to stress out with things that are beyond your reach. It also matters that you know what simple things that stress you out. If a conversation topic on politics or the local television is what causes stress, avoid them. By doing this, you will know what is your stress relief. Thus, lessening your stressors, and eventually, becoming stress-free and avoid having tinnitus!

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