January 28, 2009


Tinnitis, which is otherwise known as tinnitus, but rather more commonly known as a ringing in the ears is defined as a condition where a person may hear various noises in the ears which can be in a form of ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing, clicking, roaring, or ticking sound. What is notable about this condition is that the noise that a person hears does not come from any source in his environment.

Since the noise that a person hears does not come from an external source, a person with tinnitis is the only one who can experience and hear the noise. This is the most common type of tinnitus, or otherwise known as subjective or nonpulsatile tinnitus. The other form of tinnitus is the objective or pulsatile tinnitus. With this type, the symptoms for tinnitus or pulsing noise may be heard by other people. This is common amongst those who have problems in the cardiovascular system. It usually happens when there is an abnormality in the vascular system which can cause the sudden gush of blood in the arteries and result to the pulsing noise.

As for the subjective type of tinnitus, the usual culprit would involve conditions that have to do with damage to hearing, either temporary or permanent and partial or total hearing loss. Examples of these conditions are ear infections, cochlear damage, exposure to loud noise, punctured ear drums, impacted ear wax, Meniere’s disease, trauma to the head and neck, and presence of tumor in the brain or ears.

Problems usually arise among those who have a chronic ringing in the ears when they begin to have problems getting enough sleep and they get bothered by the noise as they go through their activities of daily living. This is where the need to use tinnitus remedies comes in.

There are several remedies which may be used for a person with tinnitis. It may depend on what caused their ringing in the ears. Known treatments for tinnitus are homeopathic tinnitus remedies, tinnitus masking therapy, herbal treatment, drug therapy, cognitive therapy, acupuncture, and acupressure. Note that there are a number of treatments as some people may respond positively to one treatment while others may respond positively to another.


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