January 18, 2009

Benefits of Using Herbal Tincture for Tinnitus

The incessant ringing, banging, whistling or screeching sounds brought about by tinnitus are indicators of some other serious medical condition. It may be caused by a number of factors, such as a flu, cold, excessive ear wax, ear infections, head or neck injuries, high blood pressure, Meniere's disease and otosclerosis, which refers to the formation of new bones on the stapes in the middle ear. The excessive use of certain drugs may also result in the ringing in the ears, which include quinine, aspirin, antibiotics, as well as alcohol and smoking. The treatment options for tinnitus may vary, ranging from the use of conventional drugs to natural or herbal remedies. While we know how conventional medications work, what are the benefits of using herbal tinctures for tinnitus?

In medical terms, a tincture refers to an alcoholic extract of a plant or herb, or a solution derived from a non-volatile substance such as iodine. For a specified mixture to be called a tincture, its alcohol extract needs to have an ethanol content of at least 40-60%, or even 90% if possible. According to homeopathic medicine experts, there are wide arrays of benefits of using herbal tincture for tinnitus. Members of the American Holistic Medicine Association assert that a number of herbal mixtures aid in the treatment of tinnitus. Among the natural treatments for tinnitus include a tincture derived from black cohosh. This tincture is famous for being effective against tinnitus that is caused by pressure in the head or blood congestion. Tincture made from feverfew leaves is also helpful in alleviating tinnitus, although pregnant women are not allowed to use it. Ringing ears which are caused by high blood pressure or poor circulation can also be eased through the use of hawthorn tincture.

Other herbs which are known to be effective in treating tinnitus also include castor oil, fenugreek, sunflower seeds, passion flower, mistletoe tea, onion juice, horsetail and plantain. Goldenseal may also aid in alleviating tinnitus; however this is not be recommended for use by pregnant women. Herbalists also agree that spinach is also good for treating tinnitus, because it is high in zinc, and should also do wonders in treating other hearing loss ailments. To get a full grasp of the benefits of using herbal tincture for tinnitus, it would be best if patients go online and read the information posted on herbal health and homeopathic treatment Web sites, which offer sound information on the potency of each herb, and also offer credible consumer product reviews.


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