April 02, 2010

Tinnitus Maskers - Fast short term relief.

I'm a girl with a hearing impairment, and this is my story. I didnt always proudly identify as a disabled girl. I seldom get colds or viruses, and the last time I was confined was when I was a teenager decades gone. It took coaxing, bribing, and pleading to make me agree to see an audiologist. When the audiologist told me the outcome of the hearing test, I didnt believe her. Are you wanting relief from the recurring humming in your head? Try to imagine yourself sitting next to a lovely fountain. As the water flow gets stronger, see if your tinnitus fades into the background. There are lots of products to mask the ringing of tinnitus. You should buy Cds and MP3S with water sounds or what they call white noise. Lets chat about the sorts of wearable maskers you can get.
The brain can learn to overlook the sounds of tinnitus if it has something else to focus on. These masker devices work by providing a masking sound to hear rather than the tinnitus. Some of the more recent maskers can be tuned to the people tinnitus sound and do a more satisfactory job. They appear to be work better than either the hearing help or the masker alone. They help the wearer sleep more deeply at night. The wearer might experience the residual inhibition when the device is turned off for the night. Or the amplification can be turned off while leaving the masking sound turned on.
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