April 29, 2010

Tinnitus - the endless circle.

Tinnitus - Sleep Issues - agitation - tinnitus - Sleep Issues - agitation - Tinnitus Yes, Tinnitus-Sleep Problems-Anxiety is a vicious circle. The noise is unending, vexing, annoying and can make going to sleep extraordinarily tough. Additionally, the ceaseless nature of Tinnitus can hugely increase hysteria.
Just as noise pollution has been proved to affect people negatively ( it has been proved that divorce rates are higher in noiser districts ), Tinnitus is affecting folk negatively. I suspect that the really sound of Tinnitus brings about nervousness. Poor sleep brings about depression, unproductive thoughts and a resultant higher level of anxiety. Some beneficial hints on getting to sleep when those ears are ringing.
- "No one has ever died from an absence of sleep". You will feel rotten, you will feel more beat than you have ever known before, but you aren't dying ( it just feels that way. Here is a nice page on tinnitus cure.
Down pillows can be moulded to suport your neck. I'm of the opinion that this is not as easy to do as to say, particularly if Tinnitus is new to you or you are experiencing a change in its volume or form. ( note : I once read about a smart lady whose Tinnitus sounded like cicadas.

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