April 10, 2010

Read Stories to Your Kids That Show Folks With Incapacities in a Positive Light.

Here's a list of books for primary school that have one personality with an incapacity. There are characters who've autism, down syndrome, intellectual incapacities, visible impairments, hearing impairments, speech delays, dyslexia, spina bifida, synesthesia and who utilise a wheelchair. The list was created using the winners of the Dolly Grey Award and the Schneider Family Book Award and lists assembled by Sandy Lahmann, Cherl Pesto at Disaboom and Mary Anne Prater & Tina Taylor Dyches from Teaching Phenomenal Youngsters .
* My Pal Isabelle, Eliza Woloson--A little boy the activities he shares with his pal Isabelle, a girl with Down Syndrome. * Hooway for Wodney Wat, Helen Lester / Lynn Munsinger--Classmates pick on Rodney as he cant pronounce his name, it is Rodneys speech hinderance that drives away the class bully. * keeping a lookout for Sarah, Glenna Lang--Describes a day in the life of a seeing eye dog, from going with his owner to the food store and post office, to visiting a class of college youngsters, and playing ball * Piano Starts Here : The Young Art Tatum, Robert A you could have the most creative and best looking mail piece in the world but if you arent mailing it to the right folks that message will be lost on deaf ears. Ensure you find and utilize a database of owners who are late on their mortgage. The best and most advocated option is a letter in an envelope. * See the Sea , Estelle Condra--Driving thru mountain mist to the beach, 2 young bros compete to see who will first see the sea, it is their blind sister Nellie who senses it first.
/ John Archambault--A granddad and his blind grandchild reminisce about the small boys birth, his first pony, and a thrilling pony race. * thanks, Mr Falker, Patricia Polacco--Trisha could paint and draw fantastically, but when she looked at words on a page, all she could see was jumble. * Crow Boy, Taro Yashima--A forsaken boy in a hamlet college in Japan learned all of the calls of the crows as he left his home at dawn and arrived home at sunset on college day.
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