June 19, 2009

Say "YES" to Life!

Say no way to carbohydrates, saturated fat, Vioxx, etc. Would not that make life less stressful? We are approaching a new year, why not start it succesfully. It's time to make a promise to start exclaiming "YES" to life. We remember everybody else's doctor's appointments, but we have a tendency to overlook our own. If you are suffering from depression, stop waiting for the blues to depart and get some aid. Make commitments to eat better, exercise and be more active in your wellbeing care requirements.

Again, I must address the ladies. A healthy self-interest is vital in developing healthy relations.

Say YES to self esteem. Those 5 words are from a song that I remember hearing ages gone. For those that don't talk casual British , the word "teejus" can be interpreted to "tedious". Somehow it just does not have the same impact though . Once in a while and frequently a ton more regularly than that the definition of life gets piled so high it would probably take a bulldozer to shove it out of the way.

OK, so what we will be able to do about these teejus moments in our life? Rather than attempting to find paths to get folk to notice you, find out how to make a change in the planet. Volunteer, talk up for injustices, be about something.

You do not need your mark in this world to be a skid mark. Stand up for yourself, for your youngsters, for your family. Here is a fun test to figure out your dignity.

You won't find it in some other person, but within yourself. So why do so many folk treat it as though it were an illness. Some might think that they are not deserving of success. Others believe that they may never achieve success. Remember, success isn't going to follow you.
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