June 30, 2009

Parenting Teenagers - Getting Your Point Across.

Giving recommendation to a teenager is so easy ; getting a teen to take that recommendation is another thing altogether. So how does one go about giving recommendation to a teen? The fast answer to this query is "don't".

Puberty is a time for learning to self-manage, to accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. It is a necessary process if your teenager is to become a well-adjusted, totally working adult prepared for the 21st century. For most oldsters this is a truly frightening thought. They are worried about what will occur if they do, that if they give up some control it will mean they lose all control.

It's about letting your teenager have a participation in a way to solve a specific problem, it's about teaching them problem solving abilities. If you usually supply the solution how can they ever learn how to do it for themselves? Second , your teenager is really certain to get it 'wrong', to screw up and what's wrong about that? You are teaching them how to self-correct, just as they actually did when they first learned to ride a bike and kept falling off. Magazine. Most of Beethoven's masterpieces were composed while he was deaf. "Beethoven thought this poem celebrated the society of man. On May seven, 1824, when the Ninth Symphony premiered, Beethoven was on-stage conducting. Also on-stage was an extra conductor required due to Beethoven's hearing impairment. When the "Ode to Joy" movement was over, the fans exploded in applause. Beethoven failed to turn around as he could not hear them. What will bring your tear of joy? And another question , who in your life carefully turns you around when you're facing in the incorrect direction so you can see your standing ovation? And Today. Sing, sing, sing the most happy songs you know. If your teenager has refused recommendation, ask them precise questions on how they are going to sort out the situation. Simply because your teenager hasn't given you an instant answer to your query does not imply they're ignoring it.

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