June 06, 2009

Geeting to Sleep with tinnitus.

The noise is everlasting, provoking, maddening and can make falling asleep extraordinarily hard. In addition, the continual nature of tinnitus can increase stress. Many Tinmnitus sufferers experience increased loudness in their Tinnitus when they do not sleep well. Your body ALWAYS gets as much sleep as it Wishes . Getting your mind and body relaxed is the key to falling asleep.

- Make your sleep environment as cosy as possible.

Remember that the general public spend about one 3rd of their life in bed so it's worthwhile to make it comfortable. If you are sensitive to light, block off any incoming light. ( note : I once read about a clever lady whose Tinnitus sounded like cicadas. When she got into bed she pretended to be living in the country, listening to the natural sound of the cicadas. His recommendation and tinnitus treatment plans have helped thousands of folks around the planet.
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