October 11, 2006

Hearing Loss

The hearing impairment posed one or the other close problems in the cochlea, but by the auditive part of the central nervous system, is classified by category médicalement as a sensory or neurosensory hearing impairment.

The large one majority of human sensory hearing impairment is caused by anomalies in the cochlea. It is also has very not very common neurosensory weakenings of hearing which make take part it cranial nerve of VIIIth or audience left the brain. In rarest of these kinds of loss of hearing, only the auditive centers of the brain are affected.

In this situation, central hearing impairment, noises can be heard with the normal the thresholds, but the quality of perceived noise is so poor that the word cannot be included/understood.

Age of beginning of the weakening of hearing if the hearing impairment occurs at a youth, interference with the acquisition of the spoken language and the qualifications social can occur.

Prostheses auditive, which amplifies the entering noise, can reduce a part of the problems caused by the weakening of hearing, but are often insufficient. Implants cochléaires artificially stimulate the nerve of VIIIth by providing an electric substitution of impulse for the setting to fire hair cells.

The implants cochléaires are not only expensive, but require programming sophisticated in the conjunction with the patient formation for the effectiveness. People who have weakenings of hearing, particularly those which develop a problem of hearing in childhood or the old age, require the support and the technical amendments like part of process of readjustment. Causes There are many causes of hearing impairment.

Ossicles drivers of membrane of Tympanic of anomalies of Means-ear of obstruction of channel of ear of loss of hearing the sensory hearing impairment the majority of sensory hearing impairment is due to weak function of cells of hair.

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