October 16, 2006

Ear ringing - Meniere?s disease treatments Tinnitus question I have a question about

Meniere?s disease treatments
Tinnitus question I have a question about what to order for my tinnitis. I have had Menieres attacks and now have tinnitis with cochlea damage. Do I order the Menieres remedy and the cochlea damage remedy also?

Tinnitus Help, It?s Meniere?s Disease?
My tinnitus symptoms started as I was working in a very hot temp one summer, suddenly I felt anaemic, I couldnt focus. I became confuse, very nervous, my vision became blurry. I was sent to the emergency and was given one clonipan, and the blurry vision subsided, there after there hasn't been a change in the symptoms.

Tinnitus was from a loud speaker at a rock concert.
I have had tinnitus for 15 years. I believe the tinnitus was from a loud speaker at a rock concert when I was 19 but i never had any noise until i was 31 which was when my daughter almost died at birth.

Which T-Gone Tinnitus Remedy?
My tinnitus at this point i believe is drug induced as i started taking wellbutrin a week ago. But before this I was getting tinnitus in 2 day cycles usually twice a week. Can you help?

TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home
The headphone is mainly used for traveling in airplanes, bus or trains they protect people from background noise that make the inner ear irritable.

Tinnitus, hissing sound in my ears.
I have had tinnitus, hissing sound in my ears for 2 weeks now. I went to see and ear specialist, and could not find anything wrong with my ears, he said i still have very good hearing.

Help for tinnitus and ear ringing
I would really like to see what we can do to solve this ear ringing problem. There are times when my kids can be talking in the same room with me and I can't hear or understand what they are saying.

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