December 28, 2009

Twittering to Get property Referrals - there's a Wrong Way.

Its a novel that I suspect rises simply to the level of some of the finest classics of literature ever written. This is no hype on my part, and, on top of the rest, its a self released book. The trainees or beginners are called testers, and, initially blush, appear more like demons, in that their job is to check people and push them to their boundaries, to determine if the people will make the moral choice or submit to enticement. However the only real way for folks to grow is to be faced with tough decisions, and to selected not always what could be the best or expedient choice.

Occasionally the selections that cause us the most discomfort are the better ones in the longer term. Rather, there are some extremely funny parts in the book, the characters - including the angels - frequently use swear words, and often drink lager - and, for everybody out there who loves em a good book about living dead, there are undead aplenty in Chance Angels. Its true, most property pros are using social media to get referrals and to raise sales. Whether you agree or disagree with this plan, Twitter has over 8,000,000 uses and is the swiftest growing social media tool. You'll have heard about broadcasting to get referrals, but there are methods and method of using terribly productive social media venues in aggressive and vexing tactics thru broadcasting. Here is a superb story re ear ringing. When you target folk, who have not come searching for the services that you provide, making an attempt to get referrals for your business, it's a substantial bother 101% of the time. In this manner, broadcasting to get referrals makes little sense, and it makes you look unprofessional, slimy nearly. You might be Shakespeares damaged heart, Beethovens deaf ears, Wagon Goghs insanity.

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