December 26, 2009

Power Up Your Power Point Shows.

Brian Fugere and several corp writers wrote a great book titled Why Business Folks Talk Like Simpletons , a glance at the scary arena of company talk. I want to proffer a follow up called Why entrepreneurs Create Slides that Put You to Sleep.

They have 495 slides which they read to you one by one in a monotone voice with no demeanour and need you to follow along in a font that even your ophthalmologist couldnt translate. To start, many of us can read by ourselves, thanks a great deal. Second , presuming we will read, perhaps the presenter should just send us the slides and spare us the presentation? Am I being too sarcastic? Maybe . According to the English compendium, communicate means to talk, to convey or to attach. So, what's a presenter to do? Nobody Came to See a slideshow.

Eliminate words such as, if, the, in, on, and of. Look for opportunities to bare the lines to stop folk from reading ahead so you focus their attention where you would like it. It's the nature of such abuse to assign the blame for issues onto the victim, and frequently the victim will blame him or herself instead of recognize that the difficulty is in the abuser. This could be as obvious as name calling, or more delicate feedback of how you do things or who you are personality smart. You'll even feel as if you want to choose between an authorized list of activities you know your other half won't criticise you about. Your better half tries to limit your access to work opportunities and / or education. You may feel daunted from following anything that would boost your autonomy. Isolation is a potent method for the abuser. Your other half implies non-physical threats as results for not going along with their demands. Instead of cutting and pasting information from a study, create colourful charts, graphs and photos that highlight info, bring back emotion and make the data more important. Simply because others drone on does not mean you need to be dull too.
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