September 29, 2009

Top ten Expert Witness Cases of 2008.

Communication with Self Intrapersonal communication : is engaged with conversing with your own self. Execising. Transpersonal communication : involves talking with spirits, divine and ancestors making it a very important event of the monastic and non secular life in prayer halls, ashrams and among tribal and aboriginal communities.

The feedback mechanism used in this communication form is mainly immediate. It came in the Fed prosecution of a previous govt worker, after the judge ordered the govt to conduct an intensive search of electronic files for topical info. After the governing body finished the search, the accused objected, disagreeing that the keyword phrases the govt. used were insufficient to supply the acceptable info.

Magistrate-Judge John M Facciola ruled that the difficulty is outside the ken of a layman and could be fixed only thru a Daubert-style evidentiary hearing helped by expert sworn statement.

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