September 09, 2009

Stop Ringing in Ears: A Reminder for the DJs

The main cause of tinnitus is the prolonged exposure to high sound frequency. To stop ringing in ears, one should avoid this.

Expression is part of the human condition. Culture and art are two important determiners of civilization. Music, for one, is greatly varied and well-represented all over the world, across races and cultures. In the modern day, music has been accessible to anyone—in the radio, television, in the streets, etc. DJs or disc jockeys are among those people who deliver music. They select which music will be played. As a disc jockey, he has prolonged exposure to sound in disco or radio stations and booths. The DJ mixes, arranges and plays songs for entertainment of the audience or listeners. This job description allows regular exposure to sound. Oftentimes, there are high-pitched sounds or feedbacks when delivering music. Frequent exposure to these high-sound frequencies can damage the hearing capacity of any person. The DJs, most especially, should be reminded.

Most people who like the music they are hearing would turn and increase the volume of their radios, headset and speakers. This is very common among people that they do not notice this harms their ears. People who like to go to parties with loud, booming, pumping music are very susceptible to tinnitus. Nevertheless, the DJs who need to perform their jobs are the most likely to have a hearing complication. In fact there has already been a number of DJs who are reported to have been complaining about the ringing in their ears. Also, important to note, the degree of their vulnerability is clearly not dependent to the genre of music that they play. What is the main culprit here is the volume. Any music –pop, jazz, classical, blues, rock, and folk, when played in dangerous volumes can trigger damage in the cochlear area of the ears. The damage, sadly, is irrevocable.

The message is to take good care of your sense of hearing whether you are a DJ, or not. Loving the song you are hearing does not imply you need to increase its volume so it can wreck your ears drums for the love of the song. You can stop ringing in ears with the following:

1. Just like you, your ears also need to rest. Find a space away from noise. Have a break in a quiet place to give your ears a relief from all the noises. This is one way you can relax and meditate.

2. A potentially damaging volume is above two-thirds of what is the max. When this is the case, decrease the volume. When you already shout just to be heard and understood, the music or sound is loud enough to be called noise. This certainly has ill effects to your ears if you constantly expose yourself.

3. Consult your doctor in the event that you are hearing strange ringing in your ears. Don’t hesitate and seek advice. They are the ones who will help you identify the possible causes of tinnitus.

Having the knowledge on ways to stop ringing in ears is definitely not enough. If you do not have tinnitus, prevent it to happen by taking action on what not to do. For those who already have been experiencing it, do not let any factors worsen the condition. Follow the simple measures. Save


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