May 25, 2009

Stone Deaf.

Chances are that you don't frequently associate with someone that is disabled, so these feelings are quite common.

Having been blind since birth, I have encountered a good range of reactions, from curious stares when i walk down the road with a cane or holding somebody's arm, to amazement at having the ability to feed and dress myself. When meeting anybody for the 1st time, it's natural to be interested in who they may be, where they are from, and what they do for a job.

The same is true for a disabled person. Asking questions is generally satisfactory, so long as you use commonsense. Instead, discover what kit or systems he uses in his job and at home, how he is getting in town, how does Braille work, and so on.

Lately I contacted a pen chum I have been writing since the age of thirteen. When we spoke for the 1st time in fifteen years, it was fantastic. Discover more on the subject of tinnitus cure. We never met, but I am still totally and definitely in love with this person. This A. M. My pen mate told me, even if I divorced, he would still see me as a married girl. "I desire my pen buddy, yet he wants me to remain in this dead marriage. The 1st query is, should I stay in this marriage? That query has zilch to do with the second query, should I become concerned with this new person? The difficulty with mixing the 2 questions is that when we are sad, virtually any one else appears fascinating.

It's usually acceptable to loan a hand if somebody has clear difficulty, but don't forget that not everybody will be willing to accept your assistance.

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