May 24, 2009

Life Gets Teejus, Don't It?

Those 5 words are from a song that I remember hearing a very long time ago.

For folks who don't talk casual British , the word "teejus" can be interpreted to "tedious". Somehow it just does not have the same impact though . Once in a while and typically a ton more frequently than that the raw material of life gets piled so high it would probably take a bulldozer to shove it out of the way. OK, so what we will do about these teejus moments in our life? We just will not debate it now if you'd rather not. So what would you want to hear about? What about a technique to make all of this a bit easier? OK, then. I have also had clients come to me after reading a hot, new book or attending a workshop. You cannot think your way to a new career or, at least you cannot 99% of the time. Register for a class or workshop that keeps you engaged and centered for a long-lasting period. Keep your real job and let your paycheck allow you to take all of the time you must discover new work options and test them out. Oh, you are able if you would like if you're feeling it makes communications less complicated or better. Tinnitus

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