November 06, 2006

Tinnitus - What is Major Cause Of Tinnitus?

It would seem to me that much like everything else in the commercial world, the dangers people are exposed to at work are often hidden away in the name of the almighty dollar! (or Yen, Pound or Euro)

Being someone who is involved with tinnitus on a daily basis and who answers hundreds of tinnitus related questions every week, it has really become clear to me that most people are getting the hearing loss that causes the tinnitus from exposure to loud and sudden noises and that often this noise occurs at the workplace!

  • Because of costs involved in the proper training as well as the actual cost of the hearing protective gear, this is often an area where employers are taking shortcuts and their employees end up with tinnitus.
If you work in a situation where you could be in danger of sustaining hearing loss, do something about it immediatley.!

  • Demand protective equipment to ensure that you don't end up with that dreaded hearing loss and tinnitus.

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