November 17, 2006

Tinnitus from loud noises

A little known fact is that there are literally millions of minuscule cells deep inside the ear that get very stimulated by the pressures of sound waves.

As and when sound is noticed by your ear and these auditory hairs undulate, impulses go streaking through the nerve which your brain figures out to be a sound.
Agition then causes moving of our dainty hair, reminisent of to a wheat field agitating in time to the wind blowing.

The diminutive cells and the teeny-weeny auditory nerves are very easily damaged when exposed to sudden loud noises. The damage is even intensified if you have worked in a noisy environment for extended periods.

These sensitive organs can also be damaged because of a bad blow to the head. The little hairs bend out of shape or even broken off and then randomly send electric pulses directly to the brain which interprets them as a sound, even though there might be a complete absence of sound.

Cochlear damage of some sort leading to a hissing in the ears can also be caused by earwax treatments gone wrong, ear candling, diving accidents, playing sports, dental work and can also be caused by middle ear infections.

Hearing loss is irreparable but the tinnitus remedies have helped thousands of tinnitus sufferers at lowering the tinnitus levels from cochlea damage.

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