November 29, 2013

Order Pet Protector

Order pet protector at As pet lovers we are all aware of the multitude of pests and parasites that prey on our beloved pets. We KNOW we need to protect our pets from these parasites to prevent serious sickness or even death is some cases, to say nothing of the discomfort they cause for your beloved pets and your family. So we all routinely use the popular branded tick and flea products as recommended by our vets and pet shops. After all, these are the experts we know and trust! But.... did you know that all of the companies that produce the toxic chemicals we use to protect our pets from ticks and fleas do horrific animal testing on dogs and cats? The procedures are absolutely heartbreaking! Isn't it time we stopped the suffering? Surely you would NOT use these chemical flea & tick products, if you knew that those chemicals were tested on innocent animals? You won't want to support these unethical companies if there was a better sol

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