March 15, 2010

Would a Tinnitus Masker Help Me?

A they don't give a cure, but just drugs that will help. Each victim may be influenced by things that are totally unique to her.

Masking the noise brings a measure of relief for some, though not for others. Perhaps you aren't acquainted with the term tinnitus masker. It's a device that produces a low volume sound that is designed to mask, or cover up, the Tinnitus noise. If you have, in an especially loud Tinnitus attack, turned on your radio to some soft, mellow music, or made use of a CD of music that was planned to help you to relax, you have made use of a Tinnitus masker. those calming sounds that are actually mellow and relaxing, can be useful to distract our mind, at least for a short while. If you need to use music as a masker, take care to use only the music that works, because the very last thing you would like is something that may come back as more noise in your ears. Having the ability to mask the Tinnitus noise for a little while is welcomed relief. If your GP can't discover a physical cause for your tinnitus, don't give up.

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