January 25, 2010

Tinnitus Treatments In Cheshire

Tinnitus Treatments in Chester

When people hear a ringing in their ears, this is tinnitus. What happens is that you start hearing noises when no noise is actually present. Tinnitus is not a disease. Tinnitus is caused from another condition, or condition.

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The sounds caused by tinnitus can been called:

• ringing in the ears
• whistling
• bumble bee like noises
• clicking
• SSSS noises
and can range in intensity from subtle to piercing.

Many doctors can battle to pinpoint the root cause of the tinnitus. Most medical doctors will however try to find the medical condition that is causing the tinnitus in the first place. It is been found that damage to the inner ear structures from exposure to loud noise is the number culprit in most cases. Medical researchers speculate that the ringing is a consequence of damage to the ear. The inner ear contains tiny hairs which convert sound waves entering the ear into electrical impulses.

These electrical impulses travel through the auditory nerve to the brain which perceives these signals as sound. Loud sound and prolonged exposure to it damages these tiny hairs. These damaged hairs no longer send signals properly and this is what causes the ringing in the ears.

If one suffers with high blood pressure or has high cholesterol levels, tinnitus can also be experienced. Sometimes even something which is seemingly as trivial as earwax impacted on the eardrum can cause tinnitus. The consumption of some drugs with ototoxic effects have been known to cause tinnitus as well as too much consumption of over the counter drugs such as aspirin.

The information discussed is simply for research purposes only. No medical treatment is meant. As with any condition it is recommended for you to consult a doctor before taking any medical counsel.

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