July 27, 2009

The Medical Society and Tinnitus Alternative Treatments

There are a lot of ways to treat tinnitus. One is through tinnitus alternative treatments. Although a number of doctors are dubious about alternative treatment for disorders like tinnitus, many believe that alternative medicine is the answer to some ailments which conventional scientific medicine could not do anything about.

The doubts are due to the fact that alternative medicine has not gone through rigid scientific research to determine the extent of effectiveness and safety. The reason that there is hardly any study done on alternative cures is the inadequate funding and the remaining skepticism on the part of many western physicians. In addition, conventional medicine could be well endangered if alternative medicine is lifted to unanimous approval by the western medical societies.

Nonetheless, in the recent years, we have observed an increasing number of people who are becoming unhappy with the medicines they find in pharmacies and drugstores. This occurrence shifted the public’s attention towards looking for alternative cures. The lack of study in this rising field is compensated by a significant number of people testifying about its effectiveness. Several people turn to alternative cures in instances when conventional medicine fails.

Scientific medicine offers no cure for tinnitus. Physicians would recommend tinnitus maskers, anti-anxiety drugs and antidepressants, cognitive behavioral therapies, and retraining therapies. However these procedures do not serve as cures for tinnitus. Instead, they merely help people cope with the condition. This prompted people to look for tinnitus alternative treatments.

Today, alternative therapies include acupuncture, chiropractic massage, hypnosis, and yoga. Alternative cures may also be in form of herbal and homeopathic preparations, which are also sold in the market in form of tablets and capsules people can readily take. Although both are often mistaken as the same, herbal treatment is different from homeopathy. According to many patients these natural remedies have helped them feel better and there are testimonies about full recovery after prolonged use. However some medical communities regard these claims as purely anecdotal. Vitamin and mineral supplements for tinnitus include vitamin B complex, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C. Some experts believe that tinnitus and other hearing defects may be due to nutritional imbalance or deficiencies.

The negative opinion and doubts of some scientific and medical sectors towards alternative medicines are expected to linger for a longer while. Perhaps these remedies have proved their resilience over the years of inquiry and skepticism. Tinnitus alternative treatments, for instance, would still be around. Even though there is no concrete evidence that they work againsts symptoms of ringing in ears, there is no evidence either that they do not.


Stop Ringing Ears said...

I have been a tinnitus suffer for 10 years and indeed alternative treatment helped me tremendously. Diet change and stress relief have almost eliminated my tinnitus. Thanks for making others aware.

prashant said...

One of my friend also suffer from Tinnitus its very panic.

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