November 07, 2011

Tinnitus Treatment

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Many tinnitus treatment therapies can help in relieving and soothing out the effects of tinnitus of the patient. A greater quality of life, relaxation and soothing can still be enjoyed by tinnitus patients.
Tinnitus Treatment
A ringing, buzzing, or a fluttering in ear is not an unusual sound to take notice of. In fact, hearing these specific sounds or phantom sounds for that matter is commonly being experienced when situated in an empty and silent room. However, if one or more of these sounds keep on humming and sounding off in your ear for a constant period of time, then you may have a hearing disorder medically known as tinnitus.

According to research by the American Tinnitus Association, there are at least 50 million people having experienced tinnitus at some point in their lives. Studies have shown that different people have different reactions and perceptions towards the hearing disease. Some may have minimal symptoms or effects. There are also a number of people professing that tinnitus has been a heavy burden in their lives. Imagine having to stay awake all night due to the irritating and annoying fluttering in ear. Most people also profess that aside from the disturbance and annoyance tinnitus brings, it also includes pain and discomfort.

Many have studied this disorder, and have found out that tinnitus has no known cure since it is merely a symptom to a rather underlying bigger medical disease. Doctors have advised that some kinds of tinnitus like that of the objective form can be treated. Objective tinnitus is the case when the sound that the patient hears is caused by an underlying medical disease. A medical condition like Tempromandibular Joint dysfunction causes tinnitus due to the inflamed bones in the jaw. In this case, treatment for the TMJ can eliminate the tinnitus. Other cases like high blood pressure can also be a cause of tinnitus and can be dealt with treatment easily.

As for subjective tinnitus, this is the type of hearing disorder wherein the ringing or fluttering in ear can be heard only by the tinnitus sufferer and is rather caused by exposure to higher levels of noise. This kind of tinnitus has no known cure as of the moment.