September 12, 2008

Sinus Pressure in Ears

Sinus Pressure in Ears

If you are experiencing pressure and suffer from sinus in the ears it very likely that you have a build up of mucous in the inner ear. This often happens to sinus sufferers who take anti-histamines or anti-biotics treatments over a fairly long period of time.

What happens is that the mucous in the inner ear start to thicken up as a side effect of the medications and thus fails to drain out through the very narrow eustachian tubes. If this situation is allowed to continue, ear infections and tinnitus are sure to follow.

Sinus Pressure in Ears Treatments

The good news is that there is a relatively inexpensive and absoutely painless treatment for this condition using a homeopathic remedy that is specifically formulated to thin down the mucous thereby allowing it to drain out through the Eustacian tubes.

As the mucous start to drain out, so thye pressures is relieved and the tinnitus symptoms as well as the inner ear infections will stop beinga problem.

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