December 12, 2007

Ringing In Ears Treatment

Ringing In Ears Treatment
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Before deciding on which treatment to use for your tinnitus, the most important thing to do is to discover the root cause of your ear ringing.

The 4 main causes of Tinnitus are:

1. Exposure to noise

2. Stress

3. Sinus

4. Meniere�s Disease

This is the 1st video in a 4 part series which will cover the 4 main causes of tinnitus�

Today I will explain exposure to noise:

In the inner ear there are thousands of minute hair cells in the cochlea that are stimulated by the pressure of sound waves.

These tiny hair cells and the tiny auditory nerves are extremely delicate and are easily damaged if you are exposed to a sudden loud noise or you have been exposed to loud noises over an extended period of time.

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